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A Patient Endeavor

Sunday, October 28th, 2012


The day the Endeavor flew over Maggie, I learned an important lesson. 

It was Friday morning.  I was in a mad rush; carpool, Mother’s Market, juicing, walking, etc.  I wanted to get everything done because I had a fun plan in store.  Maggie and I were going to climb the mountain next to our house so we could see the Endeavor fly over Disneyland at 12:00 noon.  With its spectacular views; the ocean, Catalina Island, the LA skyline, and Disneyland, I was sure this was the perfect spot and a perfect plan, until Maggie got hold of it. 

“What?!,” she said.  “I don’t want to miss park day!” 

I told her in typical mom fashion when trying to convince your child to do something they don’t want to do.  “This is an historical event.  There will be other park days but this only happens once in a lifetime. I promise you will never forget it.”

“We can see it from the park, mom.” She said. 

She then added, “Please mom, I really really really don’t want to miss my friends.”

How can I say no to that?  I’m the Yes Mom.

Park day is truly important to her.  It is her favorite day of the week.  And, there were no promises that if we climbed the mountain that we would be able to see the Endeavor.  Then I would feel horrible.  We would miss the shuttle and park day.  So, we went to the park and I accepted the fact that I will just have to see the Endeavor at the California Science Center. 

But in our crazy morning rush, I did not have time to make lunch and we were both starving once we arrived at the park.  I decided I would drop her off at the park while I ran over to Native Foods to get lunch.  I asked a friend to keep an eye on her and jokingly stated,

“I will probably be standing in line at Native Foods, while the Endeavor does a fly-by right over the park.”

I guess I was still thinking that Maggie may be right and there is a small possibility that the Endeavor may fly over the park.  But it was 12:15, I was hungry and I was sure the Endeavor had already made its rounds and landed at LAX.

Well, my prediction could not have been more accurate.  Five minutes after I left the park, the Endeavor escorted by two fighter jets flew right over Bill Barber Park in Irvine.

I could not believe it.  But, I did believe it.

It reminded me of a bumper sticker I had on the back of my 78’ Firebird years ago when I was in college that read: 

When my ship comes in, I will be at the airport!

When we got home that evening, I told Riley and Casey the story.  I asked them, totally frustrated, “So, what was my lesson in all of this?”

Casey answered without a second to pause, “Patience.”

He was right.  Smart guy that Casey.  Patience has never been one of my virtues.  But I am learning.

It was patience, that finally got Maggie and I to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, horseback riding in Socorro, shopping in Santa Fe, the Pueblos in Taos, hiking in Canyon De Chelly and four wheel’n in Monument Valley where a nice young Navajo man helping me with my luggage told me he would trade ten horses for me.

“Ten horses,” I asked. 

“Ten is a lot,” he assured me and then quickly changed his offer to twenty.

I like Monument Valley.

Last year, I had planned this exact same trip with Maggie.  We called it our Beacon of Light Tour but I soon realized that I was premature in my plans.  Just finishing chemo, three more surgeries ahead of me and a boat load of medical bills, we had to cancel the trip.   

It’s one year later and I am done with chemo, the surgeries are behind me and the bills, well two out of three is not bad.  

And, the trip?  The trip was exactly what the doctor ordered.

So, the moral of the story: patience my dear.

He that can have patience can have what he will…Benjamin Franklin

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time…Leo Tolstoy

Here are a few pictures from our travels that only patience allowed!

This is just the beginning.  We have more trips planned.

In time.


Ready for a Road Trip!Grandma and Grandpa's Phoenix, AZ


The Array, New Mexico

Horseback riding with Aunt Barbara in Socorro


Hot Air Baloon Festival Night Glow, Albuquerque


Maggie, Taos, NM


Pueblos! I want to live here!


Canyon De Chelly, AZ


Four Corners


Canyon De Chelly White House Ruins


Canyon De Chelly tunnel to 1.5 mile hike to the bottom of the canyon


Monument Valley, UT, The View Hotel


Monument Valley - The place you can spread my ashes when I die!



Maggie and I in front of a male hogan.


Tear Drop, Monument Valley


The Mammary Chronicles: Bearing Breasts Tour

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

You are invited to





and THE WOMAN who have SURVIVED them and honoring those who haven’t.



Will be performing pieces from their chapbook:



(A bodacious little book of boobs)

 To order yout own copy of the book, please E-mail


All proceeds will benefit:

Deanne Brown and Patricia Burkhardt’s

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Team

To make a donation to the team, click on the link below




  October 2nd


  Hosted by SUPERHERO Jaimes Palacio

  125 N. Broadway, Artist’s Village, Santa Ana;   714.835-8840.




October 23rd

The Ugly Mug, 8pm

Hosted by Two Idiots Pedalling Poetry – Ben Trigg and Steve Ramirez

261 North Glassell, Orange, CA; 714-997-5610


November 3rd –

Pondwater Society, 4pm


Hosted by Ed and Joanne Baines

(The King and Queen of Raundi’s heart)

16504 E. Masline, Covina Ca


November 13th –

BARNES AND NOBLE, Marina Pacifica Long Beach, 7pm

with the flipping gorgeous and talented Ricki Mandeville

hosted by G. Murray Thomas (who’s worth is about a billion G’s)

Long Beach, Marina Pacifica Mall, 6326 E. PCH, L.B. 90803; 562.431-2253.


November 14th –

SHOUT!!! , Half off books, 7pm

Hosted by Eric Morago. (The reason you will never see Spiderman anywhere on the 2nd Wednesday of every month)

6708 Greenleaf Ave., Whittier 90601.


November 27th –


Hosted by Rick Lupert. The man who contains more poetry per cubic inch than any poet alive or dead.


December 1-

Friends Café, 8pm

425 S. Myrtle, Monrovia, CA, 91016

OPEN MIC – $3 entry fee – SIGN-UP starts at 7:30PM

Hosted by MOMS WRITE featuring Laura Henneforth, Angela Moore, Jennifer Morford,



(Casey Brown, Harrison Moore, Jaron Moore & Trevor Moore)


Art available by local artist LAURA HENNEFORTH


January 19th-

Saturday Afternoon Poetry, 3-5pm

Hosted by Don “The King of Poetry” Kingfisher



Can’t make any of tour dates?

Stay tuned, more are being added everyday




Deanne Brown is the lead singer in a rock band and has a tattoo of a phoenix on her left shoulder.  More than just a symbol of the city from which she hails. This bird rising from the flames is also a symbol of her spirit. Whether she is homeschooling, carpooling, training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for a Cure, or writing her anthology about her adventures in breast cancer, she emerges wiser, stronger and more empowered to find a better way of life. Her courage to say “yes” to her passions as often as possible, even if it means bucking convention every step of the way, is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. Her unique philosophy on education made the front page of the Chicago Tribune, the California Homeschooler and taught Dr. Phil a thing or two about parenting. She is also a contributing writer for Self Esteem E-Magazine and has been published on Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life blog. You can read about some of her greatest adventures with her family, friends and all-girl band “Daisy Chain” in her blog


Raundi Moore-Kondo is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, bass player and body boarding buddy who is convinced the zombie apocalypse is just another metaphor for poetry–which explains her compulsion to want to infect everyone she meets. Alas, she founded For The Love of Words, offering creative writing and poetry workshops for writers of all ages. She is published in Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug on Tebot Bach, Aim For the Head on Write Bloody Press, and recently in the blog My Poem Rocks. She has been the feature at throughout Southern California as Well as KPFK’s Poet’s Café. Most recently she was the Poet of the Month for Moon Tide Press and the winner of The Lightbulbmouth Literary Adventure Part V. Her first poetry collection, Let the Ends Spill Over Your Lips, will be available in Fall of 2012.


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