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The Mammary Chronicles Part II

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

The Mammary Chronicles are at it again.  If you happen to be in the deep wilds of Orange County on Monday, February 4th, please join us  for an evening of poetry and prose with some truly talented poets including Thea Iberall, Raundi Moore-Kondo, Eric Morago and Paul Suntup.  Proceeds to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation as I am preparing, yet again, to walk another 60 miles in the 3-Day Walk in November.

Not only will we be celebrating the spoken word, amazing poets, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I will be celebrating two years cancer free.  I have to say it again.  Two years cancer free.  Woohoo!!!  And, who better to celebrate it with than all of you who have given me such tremendous support.  Truly, I could not have done it, or continue to do it, without you.

RSVP to my E-mail:

Hope to see you all there! 



A Full Tank of Love

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Me and my boys!

I am so hung-over, but not from alcohol.  No, I am thirsty, tired, dizzy, and have bloodshot eyes because I danced, laughed and ate too much last night bringing in the New Year with my friends.  I know it sounds ridiculous; a hang-over from a friend induced stupor, but it’s true.  According to the Mayo clinic, “hangover symptoms typically begin when your blood alcohol drops significantly and is at or near zero.”  Well, my “blood friends” has dropped significantly, they have all gone home, back to their busy lives, and I am near zero right now. 

However, even though I am hung-over, my love tank is full.  And there is no better way to start the New Year with a full tank of love.

It all began at Orit’s gorgeous home.  I was in charge of the invites and planning, Orit took care of all the shopping and cooking.  She asked me to come over early to help her set-up.  I arrived at 6:15 on-time, ready to have a glass of wine while putting out the food.  OMG!  I was not prepared for what I saw.  Orit had just returned from Costco.  Boxes, packages, bags, unopened plates, napkins, and food were strewn all over the entire kitchen.  Guests were to arrive at 7 pm.  We had exactly 45 minutes to unpack, prepare the food, set-up and put the little plastic bottoms on the flutes of over 100 wine and champagne glasses.  But Orit was prepared.  She had an entire entourage helping out.  We unpacked, unwrapped, sorted, stocked, cleaned, prepped and set-up and entire party in 1 hour.  And, I had time for the glass of wine.  It was “Kitchen Impossible,” at its finest and it was remarkable, reminding me of what people can achieve when we work together. 

Food and friends. A perfect combo!

As friends arrived in their lovely New Years Eve attire, and brought their delicious dishes to share, I was struck by how lucky I am to be a part of this extraordinary group of people.  We have known each other for over ten years now.  I met each and everyone through homeschooling, which is truly the best decision of my life.  In fact, I really never called California my home until these amazing homeschooling families came into my life.  We moved to Laguna Niguel from Phoenix in 1999. I put my kids in a private school, made some friends, volunteered at their schools, put the boys in sports and hung out at the beach but I still longed for home until the day I showed up at the South Orange County Homeschool Park Day in Dana Point.  The rest is history.

Isis, Matt, Cyndi and Steve!April, Isis, Valerie and Raundi

Debi, Raundi, Amy, Stephanie, Carolyn, April, Diana, Isis, Orit, Cyndi, Liz, Clare and many many more shiny beautiful women changed the direction of my life that day.  We worked together making sure our kids got the best education possible.  Geography club, book groups, history classes, art classes, Destination Imagination, park days, beach days, camping trips, birthday parties, and last but not least, music!  We moved the couch and coffee table to make room for drums, amps and a PA system.  Thus, the birth of Daisy Chain!     

The Women

But not only did we educate our kids together, we were extended family!  These women became my life source.

April came to my home and gave me personal yoga lessons during times of incredible stress.  Isis delivered her warm homemade veggie soup to my door after my mastectomy. Diana kept me well fed during chemo, bringing me special Macrobiotic dishes she made especially for me.    Stephanie packed up my entire closet, carefully wrapping all my clothes in bags, getting me ready for our move.  Raundi and Michael stayed late after all my parties and helped clean every last dish before they left.  And, Carolyn while pet sitting, wrapped our Bearded Dragon in a cloth and put him in her freezer after he died to keep till we got home so the kids could give him a proper burial.  If that is not friendship I don’t know what is.  I cannot even begin to list all the things my friends have done for me.  I would need a book.

The grown up kids!

Riley and Lauren

 And our kids!  I have watched them all grow and evolve into the amazing people they are today.  Savanah graduated from Orange County High school of the Arts and is now at UCI getting ready to run the entire Hyatt Empire some day.  Ray and Riley are working their butts off in college, getting straight A’s.  Will is a baseball star on the San Clemente Varsity team.  Harrison plays a mean guitar and I am certain will be put Steve Vai to shame one day.  Casey’s is not only going to write the next Tom Clancy novel he is the next Dave Grohl in the making.  Megan and Maggie are our future JK Rowling’s.  Haley is an aspiring fashion designer who, I have no doubt, will have her stunning creations on the cover of the 2020 Vogue issue.  Aaron is pursuing a career in Electrical Engineering.  Rachel and Reid are learning to hang glide.  Nick plays football.  Marie dances like no one is watching.  Indigo, Zack, Lear and Conner are going to design the next “Call of Duty” and Max will continue to melt everyone’s heart.  There are so many more incredibly talented and sweet kids, but again, I would need an entire book. 

The reason we all homeschooled

Please bear with me while I get a bit sappy.  It feels magnificent to be a part of such a big wonderful family!  You all mean the world to me.  I am who I am because of all of you.  My children are who they are because of all of you.  My life is what it is because of all of you.  I love you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you!

It also feels magnificent to have a full love tank right now.  However, I know it will get low again.  It is easy to get caught up in our crazy busy lives; each of us going off in our own directions, pursuing careers, following our art, our passions, as it should be.   

So, my New Year’s Resolution is to make sure we all get our love tank filled once in a while and keep this family going!  As promised last night in my friend induced stupor, the next party is at my house at the end of the month, date to be announced.  I will make the Costco run.  Orit, can I borrow your entourage?