My Family’s Colors…By Maggie Brown

 The Color of Me









The color of me is purple

Purple is particular, and fun

Purple is crazy, and cool, like a

Cup of Hawaiian shaved ice, at the

Beach, in the winter

Purple is sometimes gentle when it’s


When it’s dark it despises, like a

Bee despises you

Purple is spunky, and sweet like grapes

Purple is me


The Color of My Brother (Casey)







The color of my brother is blue

Blue is relaxed like a lake

Blue is funny when it’s light

Blue is mad when it’s dark

Blue seems quiet, but

When you get to know it

Sometimes it’s over powering

Like a wave

Blue isn’t good at being

Responsive, but sometimes

It can out smart you

Blue is my brother Casey


The Color of My Other Brother (Riley)







The color of my other brother is green

Green is nice, like the pitter patter of


Green is shy and gentle, like a soft

Teddy bear

Green can be mean without a word

Green knows when to be helpful

Green is a nature-esk, like a mountaintop

Green is my other brother Riley


The Color of My Dad







The color of my dad is yellow

Yellow is a big bowl of sunshine in

The morning

Yellow is the color that uses all it’s

Energy, like the sun

Yellow is funny, like a joke

But sometimes stressed

Yellow is happy, and quiet

Yellow is quick, and doesn’t

Poor like honey, but acts that way


Yellow is my dad


The Color of My Mother







The color of my mother is red

Red is a crazy wonder

Red is a puzzle that solves


Red is powerful, like lava

But sometimes is soothing

Red is rich with flavor, like

Dark chocolate

Red is a calling

Red is my mother


The Color of My Family








The color of my family is Brown

 If you mix all of our

Colors together it makes

Brown, our last name

Like a strong and sturdy horse

Brown is my family




2 Responses to “My Family’s Colors…By Maggie Brown”

  1. Ms. McQue Says:

    Fun times writing in color!

  2. Kelly Burkhardt Says:

    Brown – what an awesome color… what an awesome poem Maggie!

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