Love’s Battlefield

My 14 year old son Casey is starting high school next week.  He was accepted into the Creative Writing Conservatory for the Orange County High School of the Arts (OCSHA).  1700 kid’s auditioned and only 400 kids were accepted.  The amazing part of this story is that Casey hasn’t set foot inside a school since Kindergarten.  He has never taken a spelling test, a vocabulary quiz or written a five paragraph persuasive essay.  So, how in the world did Casey get into a school that is listed in the top three best schools in Orange County?  He reads, a lot.  Fiction, non-fiction, comic books, newspaper, magazines, cereal boxes, you name it.  He has a passion for reading and he turned this passion into writing.  This is unschooling at its best.    

He agreed to let me share one of his poems with you, “Love’s Battlefield”.  This is one of the pieces he submitted to OCSHA in his application portfolio.  Enjoy!!!

Love’s Battlefield

By Casey Brown

Your defenses stand in front of me, the fiery look of victory in your eye

I am alone; a dark void of red and grey surrounds me

My attempts to persuade you all end in an awkward after battle silence

But it is time for my next attempt

First, I use the Recoilless Rifle of Love to penetrate your bunker of cold indifference

The resulting explosion of blood dirt and tears opens the path to your ranks of deception and ignorance

I charge, flailing the Mace of Accommodation to bash aside the deceptive and ignorant forces of your heart

Then, I hear the traitorous helicopters that were once the belly of my now Jell-Oey mass

I fire the Predator Missile of Courage to slow the assault of the traitorous machines

But that is only the beginning

Your counter assault of fleeting turn offs, quickly melds into one big blob of atrociousness which I burn away with the Flamethrower of Truth

Next I am beckoned by my last friend with soul left in him to fight and he leads me to a trove of the Jets of Camaraderie

We hop into the jets and he announces that he will just be an escort

I take off over your fields of unknowing infantry, those of which that have no knowledge of the battle soaring around them

I see that with this surprising turn of events you have retreated to your loud wall of guards that keep nothing from you.

My wingman goes full speed at the wall while I urge him not to, he slams in full force with a flurry of inappropriate missiles and rude cannon he distracts your wall, but crashes and burns as a result

Now it’s just you and me

I realize you have already prepared your SAM sites but I have prepared for the worst, the instant one of your SAM’s hits the Jet of Camaraderie, I eject from the flying machine with the Seat of Defiance

I pull the Chute of Life, surprising you with my quick response to your assault of SAM’s of Deviance

As my feet touch down on the ground I call upon the Great Sword of Emotions, to finally battle you one on one

You reach behind your back and unsheathe the Dagger of No Regrets and the battle begins

Your quick twisting and turning motions of discomfort of having someone this close to you, my devastating blows attempting to end the awkwardness of first meeting place.

We battle on for an hour more, a respect for each other as each draws more and more losses and blood, the battle is coming to a close, and you are drawing ever closer, victory in your hands, when it all ends with a swing of my sword and the howl of delight from my lips

As I finally get your number


5 Responses to “Love’s Battlefield”

  1. Raundi Says:

    First I have to say that I love this poem. I remember the first time he read it at workshop and thought, “wow, he’s got it”. He I think you couldn’t be more right about the effects of reading. It is the greatest writing teacher there is.

  2. Mom Says:

    Casey, you are an amazing young man. I love you and admire you so much.

  3. Janette Loreto Says:

    Hi Deanne!
    I finally had some time last night to read your Blog…love it! Congrats to Casey, his poem was incredible! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!

  4. Dianna Says:

    Amazing post, saved the site for interest to see more!

  5. Bob Tarmac Says:

    Wow, congratulations Casey. And way to go Deanne. Great Blog !!!!

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