“Kinda Hippy, Hippy”

This summer our family was invited as guests to discuss unschooling on a new CBS pilot, “The Mom Project”, a daytime talk show similar to “The View” with celebrity hosts, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Holly Robinson-Peet and Leah Remini.  Entertainment Weekly writes, “This panel is not a bashful bunch; they are outspoken on any issue you put on the table.  It promises to be an hour of television with timely discussions, unfiltered opinions and a lot of personality.”  They are not kidding.  Imagine five women sitting around a table with lights, cameras, audience, and make-up crew attempting to intelligently discuss a controversial issue in 5 minutes time.  Yikes!  You get crazy. 

Similar to our experience as guests on the Dr. Phil show, it is all about entertainment.   First was the shock and awe.  Second, sit politely and wait my turn to speak as they all say their peace.  Third, Julie Chen asks an intelligent question and I have an opportunity to speak.  Fourth, I’m interrupted.  Next, some interesting conversation amongst the panel.  Sixth, interrupted again.  After the interruption, Sharon asks me if I am “kinda hippy, hippy”.  Then, interview with my kids and husband. Finally, Oohs and Aahhh’s from the audience but it was like pulling teeth.

The moment I remember best is the “kinda hippy, hippy” comment made by Sharon Osbourne.  Unschooling may have a few similarities to certain ideas and philosophies from the progressive school movement during the 60’s, but just because it was experimented with during this era does not mean that unschooling is hippy hippy.  It’s like saying sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll are all “kinda hippy hippy”. I don’t think Sharon’s husband, Ozzy, would consider himself “kinda hippy, hippy”.  I’m just saying.

The interesting thing is that this type of education, unschooling, has been around since the beginning of time, way before the 60’s movement.   School was only made compulsory in the states beginning in the 1850’s after Horace Mann went to Prussia and brought back a new model of education based on the Prussian system.  Prussia had been devastated by Napoleon a few years earlier, so the country set up a new militaristic education system to raise soldiers to ensure that it would never happen again.  The Prussian militaristic system is the current educational system used today in the United States and it was Mann’s intention to use this system to “equalize the conditions of men”.  You can be the judge of that one.

Now, back to the show.  As I walked off the stage, Leah Remini from “King of Queens” gave me a huge sweet hug as if to say thank you for being a good sport while we lambasted you for the sake of entertainment.  She then walked over to my family and hugged each of them as well.  I got to speak to Sharon for a bit after the show and she gave me a hug and Holly Robinson-Peet from “21 Jumpstreet” could not have been nicer. 

What did I learn from all of this?  These women are human just like me.  They have soft skin, warm bodies, smell sweet, wear too much make-up and I am sure eat and poop just like the rest of us.  They are not extra smart (although Sara Gilbert did go to Yale) or perfect moms  just because they are sitting on a panel of women to discuss mom stuff on T.V.  Both Sharon’s kids were in rehab at one point in their lives.  They are simply T.V. personalities, entertainers, and good ones at that.

Did I get across the idea of unschooling? Maybe a little.  Does it matter?  Probably not.  Do I really care if Sharon Osbourne thinks I’m “kinda hippy, hippy?  No, not really.  Was it fun?  Yes!  That’s Entertainment!!!

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5 Responses to ““Kinda Hippy, Hippy””

  1. Raundi Says:

    I want to be on a panel with you. Do you think they would give us a cable access show a la Wayne’s World? Hmm…. SCHWiiiiNG!

  2. Sally Whitten Lara Says:

    Great job, Deanne. I am so proud to know you. You are doing such a great job with your kids!!! Keep up the good work.

  3. clare Says:

    I don’t buy the argument that it’s just entertainment. So is pulling legs off spiders, but it’s neither edifying nor educational. Just because these women can read scripts doesn’t make them people worth listening to when they spout their own opinions. Just because they gave birth might make them mothers but it does not make them authorities with any wisdom for any conscientious mother who might be watching. Why is it that we make celebrities of the lowest commonest denominators? That Bristol Palin is suddenly dancing (modestly) with the stars, that her sperm-donor who never finished high school is going to run for mayor on the basis of it; That a woman whose kids had eating disorders and went through rehab and clearly does no prior reading on the subject chooses, out of all the thoughtful valuable questions that could have been put to you who, by stark contrast, produced three fabulously well rounded and successful members of society, the dimwitted cliche of whether you’re a hippy! (you can breathe now) Why do we accept the antisocial rudeness of them inviting someone successful to what is made out to be a power luncheon of likeminded heavyweights in the world of childrearing, only to interrupt and belittle them? Why do they think that being air-kissed by a so called celebrity can make up for being skewered by one for money and the fleeting pointless entertainment of depressed housewives five minutes earlier? No Raundi, they would not give you guys a panel because producers are only interested in vapid soundbites and scandal so the rest of the population can feel that their lives are not so pointless afterall. The go getter achievement and dedication of you guys would only make people feel threatened and inferior and guilty for not making the sacrifices you have in order to ensure that your kids turned out so fabulously while fulfilling all your dreams at the same time. People get angry because you make them guilty and envious. Now, develop an addiction for pregnancy and an obsession with the number 20 and give your children less attention and lower academic expectations than they’d get in a public school and they might be willing to give you air time.

  4. Deanne Says:

    Damn woman, you should have your own blog. You are on fire!!! Thank you for your very powerful accurate no-nonsense comment. You can comment on my blog anytime.

  5. Raundi Says:

    I agree with you Deanne. Clare you should start a blog!

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