“I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”

I was driving carpool this morning like I do every Monday morning now that Casey is in school, and I asked the girls in the carpool if they had a nice weekend.  One of the girls replied, “I did absolutely nothing”.  Nothing, I thought, absolutely nothing?  How is that possible I deliberated, as I was driving up the I5 freeway at seven in the morning still trying to recuperate from my crazy busy weekend? 

It all began Friday evening with Casey’s 15th birthday bash.  After making a decadent chocolate chip mint brownie ice cream dessert, preparing a yummy barbecue dinner, and clearing all the furniture for a dance floor, twenty teenage kids showed up and were dancing, grinding, jumping and singing “Poker Face”, “Dynamite” and “Shots!” into the wee hours of the night. 

Saturday morning came, I went for my run, the rest of the kids from the party were picked up and we hurriedly cleaned up the mess and got ready for a realtor to bring a prospective buyer to see our home.  Yes, our house is up for sale.  We had to leave for a bit while the possible future owners checked out the place.  We used the time to run a few errands;  the pet store for mice for our hungry California King Snake, Pep Boys for a tail light for the Jetta,  then off to Maggie’s soccer game in 100 degree weather.  We were under time constraints because our bands, “Disturbing the Peace” and “Maggie and the Maggots” were asked to perform at Gary’s 50th birthday bash that evening.  This means packing up all our guitars, drums, PA system, setting up at the venue, performing, breaking down, blah, blah, blah.  It’s a huge job.  I finally crawled into bed after midnight exhausted only to wake to another crazy day. 

Sunday was our friends Bar Mitzvah, Riley and Casey’s basketball game, soccer pictures for Maggie and another birthday party on the beach.  I passed on this one and did some laundry and sent Kevin off with a “honey do” list.  Whew!  I will stop here.  It’s exhausting rehashing it all. 

I hope it does not sound like I am complaining. I’m not, although I admit that I get tired and a bit overwhelmed at times.   I think I am simply surprised (OK, I admit it, I am shocked) that an entire weekend can go by without doing anything.  I realize that our carpool friend has been in school all week.  She is a busy girl.  School does not get out until 4:50 at OCSHA and she has homework in the evening.  She deserves some time off.  The parents both work so they also probably need a rest.  I get it!

I was just wondering why my days seem to be so full.  Then I laugh at myself and realize this is a silly question coming from the “Yes Mom”, since my goal is to experience as much as I can in this life before I die.  Sometimes I wonder if I should say “no” a little more often.  But then I realize that if I said “no”, there would be no decadent cake for Casey’s birthday bash and Maggie would have never made that great assist in her soccer game.  I would never get to experience feeding a snake first hand or watch Casey make 10 points in a game.  I would have never had a chance to see my daughter sing on stage with her two big brothers playing bass and drums or heard Gary’s incredible speech about following your dreams as he introduced our band right before our performance at his 50th birthday party.  So, I have concluded that I will continue to say “yes” and remember what a friend of mine, Bob De Pauli said years ago, “I can sleep when I am dead”.  He died way too young, before his 30th birthday.  Rest in Peace Bob.

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