The Yes Mom Blog

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. 

Life’s a bitch. 

 You’ve got to go out and kick ass”…Maya Angelou

The Yes Mom is a blog for women who want to grab the world by the lapels.

Follow my adventures as I dare to say yes, find my voice in a rock n’ roll band, battle breast cancer and defy stereotypes and convention while balancing life, love and learning, with three kids that finally decided to go to school after many years of unschooling.

No apple polishing, boot-licking, brown-nosing, kissing ass toady here.  More like a kick ass, guitar toting, unschooling southern California suburban housewife and mom that grabs the world by the balls, oops I mean lapels, and chooses to experience everything life has to offer.

Watch as I put down my magazine, get out of my beach chair, squeeze into my wetsuit, grab my boogie board and jump in with both fins.  What a ride!

Art by Sasha Strelnikoff