I am 45 going on 16.

I have three kids.  One is in college, one is at the Orange County School of the Arts, the other is homeschooled.  

I am a Yes Mom. 

I had breast cancer.

I was bald.  Now my hair is a short silver pixie cut.  

I’m a writer.

My dermatologist recommended Botox.  I said “no”.  I guess there are some things I will say no to.

I am a lead singer in a rock n’ roll band.  I work every day to find my voice.

I have best friends that love me no matter what.  Even when I am sitting in the middle of a parking lot at 2 am, with the contents of my purse strewn all over the place, looking for my car keys that are not there.

I have a husband that has stuck with me for 20 years even when I wasn’t very sticky.

I have a trampoline in my backyard.  I love to jump on it to the Balkan Beat Band.  I don’t care what my neighbors think.

I own a wetsuit that fits me like a glove.  I look hot in it.

I like to dance like no one is watching.

My psychologist says I can rationalize anything.  She says that is not a good thing.

I love the ocean even though it tries to kill me.

My favorite book is Leo Tolstoy’s, Anna Karenina.

Sharon Osborne asked me if I was “kinda hippy hippy”.

I believe cleaning is bad for your brain.  But, I still do it.

I drive a Suburban. 

I love chocolate and beer but I don’t drink any more.   Now I drink green juice.  Lots of it.  I will never stop eating chocolate, however.

I teach a history class.  My first lesson, question everything!

Sometimes I simply shut down and tell my family I am done for the day.  I go upstairs, slip into my jammies, lie on my bed and watch Nancy Botwin make very bad decisions.  She makes me feel better about my life.

I have a tattoo. 

My brother designed it.

Life is good.